Mega Achievers System (MAS)

Finally...a PROVEN system that helps you build and grow your entire network marketing business

so you can boost your commissions by thousands of dollars...

And triple your downlines from the comfort of your home

"The future without a doubt belongs to those who leverage technology to its maximum potential to simplify their work and accelerate their result"

If you're a Bitclub Network member who is looking to grow your business, generate more income while rising up the ranks, then you probably already know that you need to consistently bring in new people to your business.

Does this sound like you ?

  • You just got started in Bitclub Network and it seems like everyone on your list has something against network marketing and Bitcoin- Y​o​u are gradually becoming a member of the No friends left club.
  • It take​​​​s you fo​​​​rever to get a single downline and you console yourself with daily earnings but you want more
  • You don't have any results yet and it seems all prospects keep asking you for results and you get shy whenever you have to talk to someone about BCN
  • You keep getting stuck with downlines that don't grow because they simply don't understand the business. Infact, your downlines only register and don't bother growing their business.
  • You find it hard to get a consistent flow of prospects to present your opportunity to

You are not alone

All over Africa, thousands of Bitclub Network members struggle with the very same thing. But, the difference between a struggling Bitclub Network Member and a Leader is duplication. It's easy to talk about but a little tricky to implement.

Let’s take a step back for a moment,

Wouldn’t it be great if you check your phone this minute and hundreds of people are begging  you to sign them up.

Imagine you have your own steady flow of prospects at every single day, whether you talk to people or not.

Think about this for a moment, you can actively prospect, capture leads, educate your prospects and sign up new downlines all from the comfort of your home.

And you know what?

This can all be true for you because after listening to the issues thousands of BCN members across Africa, AchieversKlub has designed the Perfect solution.

With this solution Building a successful Bitclub Network Business is Now Easier, Faster and More Rewarding

And it starts With a Simple Technique Used by Top Leaders in the Business

These are the leaders  that host conventions, have luxury vacations, drive classy cars and live in mansions. It’s a technique that differentiates a Bitclub Network Success from a failure.

It's a technique that makes some people mega monsters while others struggle to even become builders. The funniest thing is that this technique is not seen on the internet or even in popular blogs. Rather, it is passed on ​by word of mouth.

I'll let you in on the technique in a bit but you have to make me a promise.You  have to promise that you would take it seriously and use it in your business.

Moving on, I present to you the single most effective way to win in Bitclub Network and in any network business.

The Rule of 100

I first heard of the rule from Bitclub Network Founder, Russ Medlin and it has helped AchieversKlub grow from less than 20 people to over 20000 people all over Africa.

The rule states that if you can sign up 100 people direct into your business then you’ll succeed in any network marketing business irrespective of the compensation plan.

Sounds simple right, but it’s not easy because on the average for every 100 people you talk to,  only about 5 people would sign up and be serious.

If it takes you 3 months to talk to 100 people then you are looking at about 5 sign ups every 3 months. At that rate it would take you 5 long years to have 100 direct downlines and that's a slow and ineffective way to grow your business.

What if there was a better way?

Imagine you could talk to 100 people everyday and 5 of those people sign up under you. This means in 30 days, you'd have talked to 3000 people and 150 of those people would become your downlines.

This simply means that in just 90 days, you can be boasting of at least 450 downlines because each of your downlines would also be growing and getting downlines.

Let’s say each of those down lines just attracted two people into the business. This means you are looking at over 900 downlines in just three months and the amazing thing is some of your team members would attract 3, 4 ,5 or even more people into the business over those 90 days.

It looks quite easy and simple and it starts with talking to 100 people per day.

That sounds totally unbelievable because except you are hosting daily presentations with 100 people everyday or you have a stand at the market with a big microphone, it’s impossible to actively talk to more than 25 people a day about Bitclub Network.

By talk, I mean give them a full presentation, let’s say you decide to spend 30 minutes with each prospect. If you consistently worked 12 hours from maybe 8 in the morning to 8 at night without any breaks (no eating, resting , naps or bathroom time) you’ll only be able to reach 24 people everyday.

If you go on like that by the third day you’ll be totally exhausted and by the 7th day, you’ll be break down and quit.

That’s not such a great picture, so if you can’t go a full 12 hours every single day prospecting and presenting. How do you even get to talk to 100 people everyday about your business.

Alone it is impossible but with the help of technology, 100 people per day is just a starting point.I’ll get to the technology that can make it happen in a bit.

Let’s talk about you.

What if within the next 90 days of your business you could reach 10x more people than you’ve reached in the last 6 months?

What if you wake up to messages of people begging you to sign them up?

What if you could Become a top leader in the next few months and start earning $200 multiple times a day?

What if you could easily grow your business and change your life?

Imagine what it would do for your business, you could rise up the ranks to become a master builder, a monster builder or even a mega monster.

The sheer power of being able to dramatically speed up your team building process is astounding and the results would have you start smiling to the bank.

This simple technology will change your life.

Introducing "MAS"

The ultimate system for building and growing a solid network marketing business. 

—Reach out to thousands of people about your business from your phone.

—Go from ordinary to leader without stress.

—Start tracking your prospects and leads the correct way.

A System Built for Entrepreneurs, Affiliate Marketing, MLM or Network Marketing Teams of any Kind.

Mega Achievers System (MAS) gives you all the tools you need to break through your limitations and weaknesses and start attracting the right people to your business.

The system is simple to use but designed with all the core things you’ll need to grow your Bitclub Network Business.

The system works fast — From the moment you get it, you can put it to work instantly. Just imagine it is your personal assistant for everything Bitclub Network.
And this is practical — if you’ve already tried some other systems and methods, and you want to finally use a system that actually works.

Mega Achievers System would help you build and grow a Bitclub Network Team in a systematical and logical way. 

It would work so well that you would be achieving your goals 2x faster.

This is the first system that allows you take control of your network marketing and reach out hundreds and thousands of prospects every single day. It doesn’t matter whether you want to talk to 10, 100, 1000 people, you have the power in your hands.

The amazing thing is that it doesn’t work in a machine like manner or a fully automated manner, where your prospects have no form of contact with you and eventually lose interest.

Rather, it leverages on technology to allow you spend less time reaching millions of people about your business.

A Numbers Game

Network Marketing is a numbers game, the more people you reach the more your chances for success.
I know you can't control the number of leaders you get , you can dramatically increase the number of people who sign up directly under you.

3 differences between MEGA ACHIEVERS SYSTEM and the normal method.


NORMAL MET​​​​HOD:  I’ll talk to 20 people every week, if I am lucky one or two will join my business. I’ll travel to the next town to hold a seminar with some people, hopefully few of them would be interested and sign up.


MEGA ACHIEVERS SYSTEM: I’ll use the system to share my link with hundreds of people online. I know that not all of them may be interested but I’ll get their details so I can follow up. I should get at least 10% of them signed up. So if I share with a 1000 people, I’m looking at 50-100 sign ups whoopee.


NORMAL METHOD:  I’ll have to plan my weekends for a prospecting and presentations/ I spent the whole day talking to people and yet nobody signed up.


MEGA ACHIEVERS SYSTEM: I use Mega Achievers System every morning and I get results easily so I have more time to spend with my family and friends. I am always full  of energy when I go for seminars and presentations because I always have exceptional results to show.


NORMAL METHOD:  I talked to about 30 people last month or was it 28. I can’t even remember whether this woman wants me to follow her up or not and where is the number of the man who is interested in the business. Everything is so disorganized, I’m so overwhelmed I don’t know where to start.


MEGA ACHIEVERS SYSTEM: I reached 102 people yesterday and 27 are interested. 15 of them want extra information so that means I can follow them up with more information. 12 of them are ready to sign up now so I’ll send them my sign up link and walk them through the process. I never lose track of my results because my efforts  are properly documented. 

The Mega Achievers System is designed specifically to help you scale your efforts easily by allowing you reach more and more people with your opportunity.

It is the system that allows you take control of your network marketing because it allows you systematically and logically group your prospects and educate them about your opportunity.

With the Mega Achievers system in your hands, you'll finally be able to

Duplicate Easily

Unlock the powers of duplication in your own business by standing on the shoulders of top leaders in Bitclub Network. 

Get High Quality Leads

Capture Leads by sharing success stories of leaders even if you don't know any leader personally

Mass Presentations

Present your opportunity to several people at the same time even if you suck at group presentations

Fast Track Your Success

Speed up your journey from miner to mega monster by building a team that duplicates itself

Prospect Globally

You can reach out to people from all over the world about your business. Say bye bye to limitations permanently

Work From Home

You can easily automate your prospecting and presentation so that you can truly enjoy the freedom of running your own business

Okay, that sounds good, but that's not all You also get access to

  • Fully equipped web pages that allow you tap into the power of online marketing for prospecting and recruiting.
  • Simplified System that can be operated by anyone to get maximum results, regardless of your educational background, age or financial level. In fact, all you need to access this simple but astounding system is your phone.
  • You get access to a sophisticated lead management system that would help you properly find your leads and plan your follow ups. 

And you know what’s more, you get so many amazing features including:

Lead management board

You can keep track of your progress from one dashboard. This comes with messaging details that would help you reach out to several prospects easily.

Group Your Prospects

A unique ability to search for and organize prospects and even put labels on prospects based on when you discussed with them. This simple feature would quadruple your productivity and skyrocket your success rate.

Advanced Lead Generation

Web Pages that are fully designed by leaders to educate your prospects about the business and collect leads of prospects.

What Top Leaders in Africa Think about
 Mega Achievers System


"I have been building my business on Facebook from the start and I wish I had a system like this because it could have made a lot of my tasks easier for me and my team"


Hanna Pindza

Mega Monster


I am a fan of technologies that simplify long hour work and produce a better result. this system is best at simplifying major tasks in the network business"


Dr. Edson Pindza

Mega Monster

Get the Mega Achievers System Today and Start Building and Scaling Up Your Business 

Now, first, what this system is NOT: This is not some random system that allows you send spammy links and content to people in the name of prospecting.
Because this is created and designed by the AchieversKlub team and quality and reputation means everything to us.

This system is for you if…

  • You are a member of Bitclub network and you are ready to take your business to the next level
  • You are constantly talking about Bitclub Network to new prospects and making friends on the way.
  • You are hungry for success and you want to achieve the highest rank in Bitclub Network, Mega Monster
  • You're good at prospecting and presenting the opportunity but want to know how to take your performance to the next level -- rapidly
  • You are ready to break barriers and grow your business to the peak.

If this is you and you are interested in to​​​​tally transforming your business with the powerful technology in Mega Achievers System.

Get Access To Mega Achievers System Today
Start Succeeding The Easy Way

  • Unlimited Supply of Leads and Prospects
  • Leverage on Success of Top Leaders
  • Have Your Own Web-pages you can share and get leads
  • Constant Updates so you always get the best
  • A simple system that you can easily use to get great results.

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